• Search and evacuation of people
  • Medical and humanitarian aid
  • Accommodation and meals in dormitories
  • Restoration of basic living conditions

About us

WE are a team of those who love Gostomel and consider it their home. We really want to help our people return to normal life as soon as possible, so we decided to join in helping Gostomel and surrounding villages immediately after the end of hostilities in our region. That’s why we created the project “My vdoma” (We are at home).

OUR MISSION is to help the people of our area to return to a normal happy life as quickly and efficiently as possible.

OUR DREAM is the revival of Gostomel even better than it was.


Here’s what we plan to do:

  1. Establishment of humanitarian aid headquarters in all districts of Gostomel, Blystavitsa, Lakes and parts of Bucha
  2. Search for people left in basements, destroyed houses and apartments, and provide them with first aid and humanitarian aid
  3. Creating housing in special centers, where we can take away people who have lost their homes and need rehabilitation
  4. We will launch a kitchen to help with food for those who need it
  5. We have already agreed and will continue to agree on humanitarian aid, which will be imported by truck to Gostomel and distributed to the needs of Gostomel residents.
  6. We will be joined by a professional mobile clinic that will provide all the medical services you need. We will deliver medicines and bandages to all the injured every day.
  7. Our technical department will provide priority needs that people cannot live without.
  8. Providing psychological assistance
  9. The call centers will collect information about locals and their daily needs and restore their connection with relatives and friends.
  10. Finding finances, attracting sponsors and patrons
  11. Other measures to return the area to normal life.

We need some help

  • Contstruction materials (detail list +380971768832 Artem – Тelegram)
  • Wireless construction tools
  • Electric generators from 2 to 15 kW (20 pieces)
  • Food
  • Medicine (detail list +380988117670 Roma – Тelegram)
  • Personal hygiene products
  • Linens
  • Trucks, buses, minivans and SUVs (We will remake and send to the forefront)
  • Tactical or trekking summer shoes, eye, hand
  • Finances, for purchases of everything necessary and realization of all plans. (The list is huge)
  • Contacts of people who are interested in the idea of building free housing for victims of war


All questions and suggestions click here

4441 1144 5338 0717 (Koval Ella)